What is Privacy Chain?

Privacy Chain (Patent Pending) is a Distributed Data Management System; it’s a platform that allows fast development of secure, scalable enterprise applications that offer permanent control of every piece of data on Blockchain data storage, synchronization, normalization and encryption.  The Privacy Chain Application Programming Interface currently supports PHP, Java and Javascript; more libraries are being added as they are requested.

Data Warehouses introduce as many problems as they solve

  • Centralized data synchronization creates new problems
  • Master Data Management required to attempt to keep data correctly in sync
  • Maintaining context across disparate systems and rule sets
  • Maintain synchronization across asynchronous use by uncoordinated users

Privacy Chain is the solution

  • A distributed data architecture that uses blockchain for secure storage and peer-to-peer data synchronization
  • No data centralization
  • No Master Data Management
  • Data asynchronously synchronized across all users
  • Every block encrypted individually; a complete breach only exposes a single document on a single blockchain
  • The Privacy Chain API offers access to the complete architecture via PHP, Java, and Javascript, with more languages being added

Chain Mail-an application built on Privacy Chain

GMail is free…the way cheese in a mousetrap is free. Privacy Chain’s Chain Mail puts control of your privacy back where it belongs: in YOUR hands.

  • YOU hold the only encryption key
  • We have NO access to your data
  • That means it is NOT POSSIBLE to open a back door



PrivacyChain Mail

Reading your data Reads every word of every email and attachment No access to your data; you hold the only key
Advertising Ads targeted based on your data and activities No ads
Reuse of your data Rents or sells your data to third party advertisers No access to your data
Transfer of your data Coordinates your data with data from other Google products No access to your data
Cost Free like the cheese in the mousetrap is free $4.95/month

Learn more about Chain Mail, and sign up now!

LRN-an application built on Privacy Chain

LRN is a blockchain-based marketplace for educators to rent, buy, and subscribe to high-quality educational content that compensates content creators, usually other educators, with digital tokens.

Utilizing blockchain-based smart contracts, LRN’s simple interface allows educators and small publishers to distribute more broadly, control licensing, sell more profitably, and be protected from piracy.

LRN More!


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